Event, Jump & Banner Sponsorship

We are a new competition centre in Northumberland, passionate about horse welfare, hosting well organised competitions, and creating a great experience for both horse and rider.

We run regular Showjumping and Dressage competitions throughout the year and have been delighted with the ever-increasing numbers of participants at these events.  In addition to the growing footfall from our shows, neighbouring riding/pony clubs regularly hire our facilities to host their own events, which have included national championships. Furthermore, we are delighted to have been approved with British Showjumping and British Dressage and now hold BS Clubs and BD Quest competitions, which has further broadened our customer base.

We have a growing online presence of over 10.5k targeted followers on Instagram and Facebook, and we regularly receive a reach of 1500 on our posts and a monthly reach of over 15k on our Facebook page. In addition to posting Winners Photos, which are always very popular, we continue to produce short videos capturing our events as well as horse training which have been very well received and always generates high traffic and high-profile recognition for our centre.


Fence line banners in the high traffic areas with greater impact and visibility. To include banners on the warm-up arena facing main entrance and the banners within 20m of the road on the opposite field fence line again facing the main entrance. Plus, the premium positions on the main arena close to the main viewing areas.


Fence line banners in the main arena facing the viewing gallery on the back and right-hand side of the arena.


  • Premium Banners £400 per annum
  • Standard Banners £300 per annum

Billing is at the beginning of the year.


To cancel your banner please email at least a month prior to the end of your term.


Indoor arena banners: 500 cm x 150 cm and 249 cm x 96 cm (these are the two banners that we currently have in the indoor arena).


All banners to be printed on 3mm or 5mm Aluminium Dibond.


Either supply your own or if you require a design and print service our local agency Anson Marketing will design and print your panels for £50 design and £200 per panel delivered. Contact Patrick Anson on 07834 484807 or Patrick@ansonmarketing.co.uk


Banner mounting must be in keeping with existing banners in the arena. If you would like us to install the banner this would come at an additional fee.


We also welcome sponsorship for competitions in the form of prizes, gift vouchers and cash.


Have your own, bespoke Show Jump here at West Moor Farm. The Jump would be created using your company’s logo, livery, strap line and badges and would be seen  during show jumping competitions held throughout the year. Design of the show jump is limited only by our collective imagination.

Basic Upright
Basic Upright
Fully logoed fillers
Fully logoed fillers
Letter Wings
Letter Wings
Upright interleaving
Upright interleaving
Oxer Just Poles
Oxer Just Poles
  Type Poles Wings Filler Price
1 Simple Upright 3 x Poles 3m Square Wings or Arched Wings with Logo Half Moon Filler £850
2 Fully logoed Oxer 4 x Poles 3m Logo Shaped Wings with + 2nd Shaped Wing Half Moon or Logo shaped Filler x 2 £1,300
3 Full Oxer 4 x Poles 3m Logoed Square or Arched Wing x2 or 2nd Simple Wing Gate with logo or half moon fillers £1,100
4 Upright Plank 3 x Poles 3m Wings with Circle logo (image 1) OR letter wing Plank or wavy plank or Lattice x 4 £1,000
5 Interesting  Upright 3 x Poles 3m Wings with Rectangle logo (image 1) Half Gate with company name or water filler £900