About Our Stud

Having bred them for several years and travelling Europe to find more about them and their history, our aim now is to get them known and for people to see how special and wonderful this classic breed is. With over 20 Knabstruppers on the farm, we have some to sell and of course our stallions for breeding.

Our Knabstruppers

The Knabstrupper breed was first established in 1812 in Denmark.A chestnut mare with leopard complex blanket markings was bred to a coloured stallion, producing a colt with dramatic spotting. The mare and her son were each bred to many other horses, producing many offspring with spotting and establishing the Knabstrupper as a breed.


Meet The Team

Aside from being passionate about the Knabstrupper breed we are also dedicated to natural horsemanship. Which looks to create a bond and trust with the horse in order that we can achieve our end goals; curing many of the habits and issues found in some horses and ponies like boxing, loading, biting, kicking, napping. If you would like to discuss your horse with us please call us.

Tristan Hepper
Tristan Hepper