Horse Training at West Moor Farm

Everyone dreams of having a safe horse; a horse that doesn’t barge or bite or kick. A horse that lets you tack him up and ride him without having to hang on for dear life. A horse that enjoys being around you and lets you groom him and look after him. A horse that doesn’t spook or bolt off every time it sees a cyclist, a car or a tractor while out on a hack. A horse that will happily follow you into the trailer or wagon on a busy competition day.

The reality is that most of us will experience at least one, if not more complications or behavioural issues with our horses on a daily basis. It is easy to feel out of control or out of our depth when around these (sometimes) immense creatures! Which is why here at West Moor Farm, we are here to help you with any issue you might be having with your horse. Having worked with a range of  horses, we use methods learnt from many different horse trainers we have come across, combined with some of our own techniques to help both rider and horse have a better mindset with what is at hand. We welcome any sort of challenge or difficulty you might be having with your horse, offering one-to-one lessons as well as training livery or backing your horse for you.

To get in touch please call 07375 248123 or email us HERE Looking forward to hearing from you.